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About APPIH:

APPIH organization was established in March 2012 by the founding membersand was registered in the state of Texas in April 2013. It is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization.

The Organization is created exclusively for educational purposes. It is also to provide a social, educational, professional, and networking environment for the American petroleum professionals of Iranian heritage, to promote their values, advance their professional interests in the U.S., and contribute to the petroleum industry.



  • To establish, facilitate, and promote cooperation and exchange of scientific, educational, and scholarly views amongst its members.
  • To provide professional and educational support to its members.
  • To recognize, and promote significant scientific and professional contribution of its members at national level.
  • To conduct educational webinars and hold technical meetings.
  • To facilitate integration of new generation of graduates into the petroleum industry.
  • To promote professional growth and networking for petroleum professional of Iranian heritage.

Official Documents:


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